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As some of you are aware, the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners had a public hearing last night to discuss a proposed moratorium on residential development in the Catawba Springs Township.  For those new to Lincoln County, Catawba Springs extends from just south of Hwy 150 all the way to Lowesville (see link to map below). The idea was to halt consideration of applications for new subdivisions for 6 months to allow the Commissioners to take stock of what the residents of the county want (or don't want) in terms of future development. 

Long story short, the proposal was rejected by a 5-0 vote. I won't bore you with the legal reasons, suffice to say that the ability of any county to impose a moratorium like this is rather difficult due to the requirements of state law. Once the Commissioners were apprised by the county attorney regarding how complicated it would be to put the moratorium in place, they decided not to go forward. 

However, there is a de facto moratorium on new development anyway due to a lack of sewer capacity. This is primarily due to a 198 single family home development slated for the area between Hwy Business 16 and St. James Church Road. This development was approved last year, but the developer cannot go ahead as it would reach the 80% capacity threshold mandated by the NC Dept of Environment . The Commissioners are scheduled to meet on March 20th to consider the expansion of Lincoln County's sewer plant. If that expansion is approved as expected, then based on that approval and the submission of engineering designs alone, the NC Dept of Environment would increase the 80% threshold and further development could be approved, notwithstanding that the plant expansion had not yet occurred. 

All of which means just a short hiccup for the residential developers, but leave us no further forward in creating a comprehensive vision of the nature and extent of development for Catawba Springs Township. 
Scott Elliott
Scott Elliott